Film Silenced Generator Truck – 150kva

Film Silenced Generator Van - 40kva

Cummins 150kva with silenced canopy

Truck Model:

2005 Hino FD

MR truck licence required


Weight: 10.4 GVM

Length: 7.3m

Height: 3.2m

Width: 2.2m

Film silenced generator truck - storage bay
Storage box:

1m x 1.5m x 2m

Film silenced generator truck - output panel

3 x 20A outlets

4 x 50A three phase outlets

2 x 125A single phase outlets

1 x 63A single phase outlet

1 x power lock outlet


Generator holds 600 litres of diesel fuel


Our film silenced generator truck has been used on the following productions:

A Place To Call Home

Love Child 2

The Killing Fields


For any enquiries call Tom on 0418 654 027